Five Points To Consider About Extended Essays: A Quick Guide

Seniors and juniors sitting for International Baccalaureate cannot escape the extended essay. Many other students around the country and the world will be writing similar papers. As this is a compulsory test, you will have to deal with the stiff competition of other interested students. To create a winning essay, consider the following points.

  1. Pick an Interesting Topic
  2. The topic gives an indication of what to expect from your paper. It ushers a reader into your mind and way of thinking. It should therefore be interesting to read. The topic should be fresh and unique. Avoid areas or issues that many people would write about unless you have a unique perspective you wish to present. An interesting topic is informed by your passion. Look for a subject that is of great interest to you. It is an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas on the subject with the rest of the world.

  3. Work With Your Supervisor
  4. There are supervisors to assist you in the process of writing. They ensure that you meet the basic requirements and understand the rules. You are also at liberty to consult other people who you think will be of assistance. Some of the issues to consult on include the best topic to write about, the presentation style, the language to use, etc.

  5. Understand Your Subject
  6. The institutions give guidelines on the subject you are supposed to base your essay on. Take time to read more about this subject. Let your paper display deep understanding of what you are writing about. Read books, journals, articles and any other materials that will help you understand the issue better. A writer who crafts an insightful paper will always get the first priority.

  7. Format Clearly and Consistently
  8. Formatting is part of your presentation. You will get guidelines on the formatting style to use. Ensure that you follow the rule clearly. Stick to the formatting style chosen at the beginning to avoid confusion. In case you experience difficulty with formatting, consult the supervisor or an approved person.

  9. Fulfill Other Requirements
  10. There are other requirements that are specific to your subject, year, grade, etc. Understand these requirements and follow them to the letter. These requirements regard the number of words, the subject, spacing, submission format, submission deadline, etc. Work with your supervisor or look for credible examples of a previous extended essay to have an idea of these requirements.

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