Easy Ways To Find Good Evaluation Essay Examples For Students

There are many different kinds of essays: narrative, descriptive, persuasive, expository, analytical, argumentative and others. Each type has its own specific features. If a narrative begins to look more like a description or vice versa, its author is unlikely to get a good mark. A perfect essay has to match all the requirements for its type and be creative and intriguing – a task not easily accomplished.

What Is an Evaluation Essay?

Just like with other types, the name says it all: it’s about evaluating something – that is, writing a review about a certain object, place etc., weighing its advantages and disadvantages. From that point of view, it seems not very hard as many people have experience writing reviews about a product they bought or a service they used. However, it’s not too easy either. This type has to be well-structured and consist of three parts:

  • Criteria.
  • The first part is about setting some reasonable criteria before starting the evaluation. In other words, the author should explain, what the object/place/service should be like, what is important for it and what is not.
  • Judgment.
  • This part is about analyzing whether the object/place/service really meets the abovementioned criteria. Besides, the author can give his/her personal opinion on the object/place/service here.
  • Evidence.
  • In this part, the author is to prove that his/her judgment is right and unbiased. For example, if the whole text was about a movie, the opinion of some popular film critiques (matching the author’s evaluation) would be fine.

How Do I Find Some Examples of Evaluation Essays?

There are plenty of websites offering multiple examples of any kind of homework and it’s good to read some of the evaluation text examples before starting to work on one. However, the students need to be aware that of all the examples available on the internet, only few are really good. To tell a good one from a poor one, one should analyze whether it’s structure is close to the abovementioned scheme: three distinct parts, clear criteria, unbiased judgment and trustworthy evidence.

Another trick that might be useful is reading as many reviews on all sorts of goods and services as possible. Even though reviews don’t necessarily have three parts and can be rather subjective, they give a hint on how to explain and defend an opinion – that is, on how to write the judgment part. Apart from that, some reviews give an excellent example of how to set the evaluation criteria for this or that product or service.

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